zu Gast im Montageforum am 02.11.2011

7 Stadien der Entfremdung

Igor Bugarov über die Montage von


und andere experimentelle Kurzfilme

17.00 Uhr, Kino 1104

Das Werkstattgespräch wird auf (gebrochenem 😉 Englisch stattfinden.

It has been more than 15 years that we have been working together, under the pseudonym of Igor and Ivan Buharov.
We have been producing and directing several films. (experimentals, features, shorts, documentaries, animations) We have also been involved in the creation of several music projects and film music. Our works always dancing on the edge of fine art and cinematic art. In 1995, together with Vasile Croat and István Nyolczas, we have formed the 40 Labor “Multiartist” Group which made performances, events, actions, exhibitions, concerts, multimedia works. We held surrealistic audiovisual performances where the image, the music and the words became an organic whole after chaos. In the beginning we have started by using used expired raw material exploiting the organising element of the unintentional. For our films, we mainly use super 8 footage, then we blow it up to 35 mm for distribution use. We are also composing music for the soundtrack of our films. We formed the Pop Ivan band in Budapest in 1998. Our music is characterised by a certain permeability between styles and atmospheres : one can discover in their works archaic Moldvan melodies, Latin rhythms, elements of the modern free-jazz and of contemporary compositions.

www.buharov.hu                            pop ivan                                  kaoscamping

“A generation earlier, the Hungarian underground masters who influenced them were equally overlooked. There is an air of „self-censorship“ about the Buharovs; in times of entrepreneurial globe-trotting art, they reflect an era when artists used film with the hope of reaching wide and nourishing the roots of their own culture.“
Vassily Bourikas

“This audiovisual experiment can best be described as getting lost in someone else’s dream. The directors Igor and Ivan Buharov invite us to see the insides of their brains through various amusing and absurd story-lines.”
Off-screen film festival Brussel


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