zu Gast im Montageforum am 16.05.2012

Mittwoch 16.05.12  17:00 Uhr  HFF Kino 1101

Jamin Benazzouz zur Montage von „Fragments of Palestine“

The movie “Fragments of Palestine” portrays the lives of three young people from Palestine, Israel and the UK and their perception of the Israeli- Palestinian reality.

Rabea, 27 years old, was a resistance fighter for a Palestinian militant group from the City of Jenin, the Palestinian city most attacked during the second Intifada. Rabea decides to change the course of his resistance, thus, he lays down his rifle after seven years as a fighter and starts resisting using his art on a theatre stage. He joins the first acting school of the Jenin Freedom Theatre. Together with his colleagues and their mentor, Juliano Mer Khamis, they develop a powerful play which addresses their life under occupation. On a trip to different areas around Jenin he shares his past as a fighter and his future vision as an artist fighting for freedom.

Maya, 18 years old, is a young Israeli activist. After encountering a Palestinian girl at the age of 15, she decides to explore the reality of the conflict objectively. She becomes a political activist and rejects to serve in the army as a conscientious objector, which results in her arrest for 42 days in military prison. After being discharged Maya works as a tour guide for the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition (ICAHD), where she provides tourists and Israelis with an alternative perspective on the conflict. The movie tracks her on a tour and documents her efforts as an activist in the West Bank.

Jody Mcintyre, is an 18-year old disabled British activist from London. He joins the peaceful struggle against the occupation in the small village of Bil’in in the West Bank. Despite his disability, Jody is always at the forefront of the weekly demonstration against the Separation Wall which separates the Palestinian residents from most of their lands. Together with his friend and host father Mohammed Khatib and the residents of Bil’in, Jody guards the village at night, attempting to prevent the Israeli military from arresting the local youth.

The result of this work contributes to a brave and strong movie that allows the audience to see another view of the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. It is the view of young people whose hopes remain high and fuels their fight to achieve a peaceful end to this long conflict.
The Film had it’s World premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

Nach seiner Ausbildung zum Mediengestalter Bild und Ton beim Westdeutschen Rundfunk Köln arbeitete Jamin Benazzouz dort für zwei Jahre als Cutter. Seit 2010 studiert er Montage an der HFF “Konrad Wolf”.



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