Zu Gast am 04.06.14: Tomáš Doruška


am Mittwoch, 04.06.14

17:00 Uhr

Raum 1104 HFF


zu Gast

Tomáš Doruška


“The People Who Try to Save World” und


mit anschließendem Gespräch


Ohne Titel

The People Who Try to Save the World30 min., 2012, Director: Akile Nazli Kaya

Short documentary reflecting the seed issue and endangered biodiversity in Turkey. Three people in their unique ways try to support local seeds and spread the knowledge of sustainability: Feray Karapınar (founder of Turkey’s first seed organization ”Karaot Seed Organization”), Levent Gürsel Alev (Founder and Head of Ecological Produce Organization) and İrem Çağıl Tütüncü (founder of Sinek Sekiz Publishing House : first and only publishing house in Turkey which focuses solely on environmental and ecological books).

Strenghtening its story with scenes which are recycled from Çetin İnanç’s cult feature ‘The Man Who Saved the World’ and adding them several juicy animated sketches, film tries an experimental approach.


“Cardiopolitika” 65 Min., 2014, Director: Svetlana Strelnikova

Opening the largest cardio-surgery center in the middle of nowhere has been the goal of professor Sukhanov’s life. The price of achieving it is collaboration with Russia’s ruling party.

Cardio surgeon, Sergey Sukhanov, has always despised politics. He believed the only things of significant value in this world were human life and he­alth. In late 2011, Sukhanov got an unexpected offer from the Kremlin to head Vladimir Putin‘s election headquarters. Realizing that the government is using him, Sukhanov accepts the offer, hoping in turn to use the protecti­on of the authorities. Suddenly, the political activity captures the professor.


Tomáš Doruška *1977

academic & filmmaker


Short Bio:

Czech-born Editor, Director and Producer of documentary films. He graduated from FAMU’s Editing Department in 2001. As an Editor, he has participated in about 50 projects, both feature films and creative documentaries. Also profiled as a producer, he co-produced his own short fiction debut Radhošť (2001), his graduation film which was released in cinemas and won the 2002 FICC prize. Doruška has taught at a variety of editing workshops and courses during the past 12 years at different universities and film schools. Since 2006, he works as a workshop mentor at FAMU (Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) Editing Department, FAMU International and works as a freelance producer, director and editor in his own company Tomáš Doruška Film s.r.o.


Selected filmography:

It Started With Trees (2013), producer, director, 29 min.

From Your Life (2012), producer, dir: Kryštof Mařatka, 73 min.

The People Who Try to Save World (2012), DoP and co-editor, dir: Akile Nazli Kaya, 30 min.

Ebb & Tide (2010), commisioning editor, dir: Akile Nazli Kaya, 12 min.

Tsunami After the Wave of Interest (2009) producer and editor, dir: Jan Hošek, 58 min.

Turnover – Proměny / Changes, commisioning editor (2009), 79 min, dir: Tomáš Řehořek

Live Image of a Better World (2008) preproduction and editor, dir: Marián Polák, 58min

Not of today, coproducer (2005), dir: Petr Marek, 106 min

Roming – preparation of screenplay, direction and production (2006), 92 min.

Radhost (2001), director, 41 min.

Little Janek (2000), director, 21 min.

Good Heart (1998), director, 8 min.



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