Zu Gast am 18.06.14: JON JOST


Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

17 Uhr

Raum 1104 (Kino)



Der US-amerikanische Independent Filmemacher (Regisseur, Autor, Kameramann und Editor)

Jon Jost zeigt seinen jüngsten Film – in der Hauptrolle James Benning –


im Anschluss Gespräch/Diskussion mit dem Filmemacher









„Their grandparents were errants photographers. Their cameras were magic boxes out of which they drew paper portraits that promised to preserve the innocence of the son, to catch the beloved one, to perpetuate a grandfather, to hunt a piece of time … but the whole picture, sooner or later, is the picture of a dead man, and errant photographers slowly extinguished themselves, their cameras disintegrating by the effect of the chemicals of their work, their occupation fading out with the arrival of new cameras that needed no longer of their hands and their alchemy. Only three of them still remain, standing up, aiming the cameras of their grandparents, getting out of the box the portraits of dead men, moving manually the expiration date of the expertise they inherited and which they do not want to see departing definitely. This is their portrait.“


Ivan Sierra 

I am a filmmaker graduated from Colombia National University, I have a master degree in Teaching. I am writer, producer, director, dop and editor of short and long fictions and documentaries, some of them winners of the national grants for cinema. This is the list of most of them: Dreams and Silence (25 min, documentary, 2000) The Shell of the nut (74 min, fiction, 2003), Bitter road (85 min, fiction, 2008), Asunto de Gallos (16 min, fiction, 2010) The last craftsmen of light (52 min, Documentary, 2013), The Siberia (86 min, Documentary, 20015), Detach and depart (10min, Fiction, 2015), Tell me a western (12min, Fcition, 2015), Wet Cigarrettes (30min, Fiction, 2015).


Laura Camila Sabogal Espinel studiert Montage an der HFF „Konrad Wolf“. Der Film hat sie inspiriert Montage studieren zu wollen.


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