MONTAGE FORUM 11.01.2017

Zu Gast // Liz Rosenfeld

Surface Tension

written, directed, edited by Liz Rosenfeld

11.01.2017 / 17 Uhr / Kino 1101

The Surface Tension Trilogy is comprised of three experimental videos tracking the rise and fall of the Weimar Era in Berlin through the perspectives of Frida Kahlo & Anita Berber, Hannah Höch, and Leni Riefenstahl & Eva Braun, each of them women who lived and worked in Berlin during this time. Experimenting with anachronistic modes of storytelling, these short films also play with queering the tropes of fact-based historicization through the director’s choice of casting her friends. Clearly shot in present-day Berlin, the choice to enact stories, relationships, and experiences that “may” have happened suggests that history is made through the untold intimate moments of relationships in a certain time and space. Posing questions concerning the usefulness of nostalgia, history as lived experience and the way in which political and creative economy unfolds, The Surface Tension Series looks at how history is discursive, hidden, and lived.


Liz Rosenfeld received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005, followed by a Masters in Performance Studies from Tisch School of The Arts at New York University in 2007. Since her move to Berlin in 2008, Rosenfeld continues to work as a film/video director, performer and dramaturge with many Berlin based artists. Rosenfeld’s work has been screened and performed at venues including The German Historical Museum, The Barbican, The Hebbel am Ufer Theater, The C/O Gallery, The Kunst Haus Dresden, The Tate Modern, The Hayward Gallery, The British Film Institute, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and The Hammer Museum. She is also part of the Berlin based film production collective nowMomentnow, which is committed to the creation of an alternative feminist- led economy of production and art making, which relies on exchange, skill sharing and creative community structures.

we will show “SURFACE TENSION” 1:05:15 min


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