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Montageforum am 18.11.2015.


am Mittwoch 18.11.2015.
17:00 Uhr Kino 1101

Zu Gast //
George Cragg

Stranded in Canton

Idealistic Lebrun has travelled from The Democratic Republic of Congo to Canton in Guangdong Province, China, to make it as an entrepreneur. His hopes are to build a business making political T-shirts that he can ship back home to sell. He is one of many Congolese workers migrating eastward and establishing new trade routes, but things aren’t as easy as they seem. Business aside, he also has to come to grips with loneliness. His saving grace comes in the form of Sylvie, who guides Lebrun through the dreamy, smoggy city, teaching him Chinese and the local mentality. As the political landscape back home changes and problems keep piling up, he spends more time in karaoke bars and falling in love than on his T-shirts.

George Cragg began working as an editor at the BBC in 2004. In 2009 he edited Shirin Neshat’s Women Without Men which went on to win the Silver Lion at the Venice film festival. Since then George has worked on numerous feature films by director’s including Ulrich Seidl, Bertrand Mandico, Alexander Nanau (Toto and his Sisters) and Måns Månsson. He has also worked on several video installations including those by artists Anri Sala, Carsten Holler and Shirin Neshat.

Es freuen sich auf Euer kommen:
Susanne Foidl und Szilvia Ruszev


Mittwoch, 15.07.15, 17:00 Uhr, Raum 1101
Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

zu Gast Reinaldo Pinto Almeida, Jannis Greff und Urs Kind
„Das Apartment“ – serielles Erzählen für YouTube



Im Rahmen der MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin wurden am 6. Mai 2015 Preise an die sechs besten YouTube-Kanal-Konzepte des Wettbewerbs „Your Turn – Der Video-Creator Wettbewerb“ verliehen.
Den Hauptpreis in Höhe von 25.000 EUR sowie Zugang zum YouTube Space Berlin erhielten: Urs Kind und Reinaldo Almeida für ihre Webserie „Das Apartment“.

Reinaldo Pinto Almeida und Jannis Greff sind Studenten im Studiengang Montage, Urs Kind studiert im Studiengang Produktion an der Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf.

Das ist das letzte Montageforum im Sommersemester,
am 8.7. gibt es keine Veranstaltung!
Ab Oktober wir das neue Programm veröffentlicht.